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  • About this item

    • The TheraICE Cold Flexible Wrist Ice Pack provides 360° hand coverage for ease of movement. The slip-on design means no messy or uncomfortable ice packs, inserts, velcro or awkward straps.
    • The Wrist Ice Pack can be worn comfortably on both the left and right hands. The reusable & wearable wrist ice pack is perfect for cold therapy.
    • This easy-to-use Hot & cold hand wrap, is safe for daily use and ready in the freezer. Its soft Gel design doesn't put undue pressure in specific areas with a hard ice pack insert.
    • Made with cutting-edge material and expert-grade gel, the TheraICE Wrist Ice pack wrap, is both comfortable and versatile. It can be worn safely on bare skin. It's the ideal ice pack.
    • Find comfort in this stretchable, single-piece, form-fitting reusable cold hand wrap. This stretchable ice pack option is the perfect fit for everyone and can be worn comfortably on either hand.
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