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  • About this item

    • REUSABLE WORD SEARCH SHEETS: Endless entertainment! Simply wipe with a damp cloth, and the word search sheets included with this item can be easily cleaned and reused. Providing mentally stimulating activities, these word search sheets could be an ideal activity for those living with cognitive impairment.
    • SIMPLE WORD-FINDING SET: No need for struggle! Each of these puzzles uses simple words to help maintain interest and stimulation. There are no hidden diagonal or backward words, helping to ensure that success is achievable without the potential frustrations.
    • MARKER PENS INCLUDED: Quality markers that are easily cleaned! This set includes two dry wipe markers: red and black. Manufactured for ease of use, these pens are ideal for the purpose, designed to mark the letters and words simply before being wiped clean and reused time and again.
    • LARGE LETTERS: Designed for success, helping the user to reach that completion stage with success! These word searches are a fantastic activity exercise for those living with a cognitive impairment, created using large letters to help those who need that little extra in terms of visual aid.
    • BRIGHT COLORED TEMPLATES: Beautifully designed with precision and care! Each word search sheet has a striking background behind a white word search area, helping to enhance the appearance and highlight the black letters in the activity for an aesthetically pleasing result.
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