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  • About this item

    • Bundle includes one Ven-Ex snake bite kit with bonus keyring CPR face shield and one CPR Mask with bonus keyring CPR face shield. Archer MedTech brand.
    • Archer MedTech Brand Ven-Ex venom extractor kit with Bonus keychain CPR shield.
    • CPR Face Shield - Add to first aid kit, car, backpack, purse, etc. Be prepared to give CPR when it's needed!
    • Ven-Ex snake bite kit by Archer MedTech is a sturdy, reliable First Aid tool for extracting subcutaneous venom from snake bites, bee stings, wasp stings, etc. Note, venom extractors work well to pull venom from just beneath the skin but not from within the muscle tissue. Effectiveness will vary depending upon where the bite/sting occurred and how deep it is. Always seek professional medical attention immediately.
    • One-way valve CPR face shield is easy to use and can help reduce risk when giving CPR.
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