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    • PLEGIUM SMART PEPPER SPRAY is the smartest pepper spray on the market, by the global industry leader, for easy grip, aim, and spray. Connect our compact personal safety devices for women and men to your phone and add 5 emergency contacts to the app.
    • FEEL SAFE AS ASSAILANTS FLEE if in danger, trigger the Plegium pepper spray with GPS to auto-send free text alerts and calls to your contacts, pinpointing your location. Detach and spray our magnetic safety keychains pepper spray for women and men.
    • ATTACKERS WORST NIGHTMARE a blinding LED strobe light disorients and exposes them as a 130-decibel siren pierces the silence as pepper spray streams over a 10-foot range to brand them with red dye and undetectable UV dye so they can be identified.
    • DEPENDABLE FIERCE PROTECTION flip the safety lid and set off a stream of furious maximum strength attacks. Carry our smart pepper spray and alarm for women and men on the go. Our cutting-edge non lethal self defense products have a 4-year battery life.
    • PLEGIUM GUARANTEE a police report gets you a free GPS smart pepper spray for women and men if yours was used in a life-threatening event. Optional paid pro monitoring service with active tracking and live audio stream that can be sent to authorities 24/7.
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