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  • About this item

    • HELP PREVENT BEDSORES & HEAL FASTER - The Lunderg Bedsore Cushion provides instant relief by taking pressure off of the spine, and helps with turning and positioning your loved one or elderly patients. Thanks to its innovative shape and adjustable slope, weight is distributed evenly - alleviating the pressure on your tailbone and back
    • INCLUDES 2 NON-SKID PILLOWCASES - Unlike other bed wedges & body positioners that come with ONLY one case, which is slippery and needs constant repositioning, the Lunderg Bedsore Pillow Wedge includes TWO anti-slip pillowcases (one Moisture Resistant cover & one Comfort cover) that always stay in place
    • ONLY CUSHION WITH SLOPE ADJUST - To ensure patient comfort and help quicken the healing process, the cushion slope can be easily adjusted to met the needs of your loved one. Simply insert the extra foam layer to increase the slope angle and density. Lunderg's Bedsore Prevention Medical Wedge Pillow is extremely easy for patients or caregivers to use, making it an ideal solution for patients and loved ones, whether they are large or small
    • POST HOSPITALIZATION / SURGERY / STROKE NECESSITY - Lunderg wedge pillow for side sleeping helps take pressure off the back while keeping the spine aligned and preventing patients from rolling over. Because of it's comfort and stability, it is ideal for at home post-surgery care for your loved ones and bed-ridden patients in long-term care facilities. Pregnant women love it too
    • BUY WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE - We stand behind all of our high-quality products - All Lunderg bedsore prevention products and foam wedges for positioning come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, 1 Year Warranty and unmatched customer service
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