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  • About this item

    • ACCESSIBLE AND EASY TO USE: Backup protection device; Wear directly on your wrist for powerful protection at a moment’s notice; No more fumbling for bulky canisters
    • FASHIONABLE AND DISCREET: 8.5″ adjustable silicone band comes in 3 colors; Canister is cleverly concealed so no one will know you are carrying pepper spray
    • MAXIMUM STRENGTH: Contains 10% oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray) and packs a knockout punch from up to 3 feet; Causes coughing, choking and an intense burning sensation while forcing the attacker’s eyes shut
    • PEACE OF MIND ANYWHERE YOU GO: Great for college students, joggers, travelers, taxi drivers, night-shift workers and anyone who wants instant, hands-free protection; Water resistant for joggers, runners and sports enthusiasts
    • FREE TRAINING COURSE + REPLACEMENT PROGRAM: Includes free digital access to our in-depth pepper spray course and a limited warranty if used in self-defense
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