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  • About this item

    • SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO SWABS – It is estimated that humans have delivered more than 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris to the oceans around the world! Apart from simply clogging up your drainage pipes, regular plastic cotton swabs eventually end up in landfills and waterways. Switch to Beautiful Mind natural qtips cotton swabs for an eco-friendly, mindful, and biodegradable alternative – Clean and Green bamboo q tips for ears!
    • GOOD FOR YOU – Manufactured in a sterile facility that also produces healthcare products, our qtips cotton swabs 500 count are made from good-quality cotton that is extremely soft on your skin, comfortable to use, ultra-absorbent, and densely packed to prevent it from coming out while wet. Featuring a bamboo core that is flexible yet sturdier than plastic or paper, our q-tips cotton swabs will not bend or break easily and can be used without any hassle.
    • VERSATILE SWABS – Larger than conventional q tip for better user functionality, these multipurpose bamboo cotton swabs for ears are a must-have for every household - use these bamboo cotton swabs to apply makeup, cleaning tough to reach spaces or delicate objects, arts & crafts, and much more! Packaged in a convenient and beautiful Kraft paper box, these bamboo cotton buds (eco) are travel-friendly.
    • VALUE PACK – No longer will you need to keep running to the store each time your cue tips (double-tipped) get over. Available in a pack of 500, these makeup bamboo cotton buds are a great purchase that will last you for a long time! Not only do our q tips 500 count (eco-friendly) are great for personal use, but an equally amazing and practical gift for all your loved ones.
    • PROMISE OF QUALITY – All our products are made under strict compliance with stringent manufacturing and quality standards because you deserve only the best! Moreover, the containers are made from 100% recyclable material. Customer satisfaction is our primary aim which is why we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our cotton swabs (double-tipped) or cotton swabs (no plastic) so that you can buy them without any worry.
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