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    • GAMES FOR PEOPLE WITH DEMENTIA: Our matching shape game was designed to be age-appropriate for activities for adults living with conditions that affect their memory. Large piece puzzles for seniors includes 36 colored tiles to encourage engagement and offer tactile stimulation.
    • SUITABLE FOR ALL ABILITIES: This brain exercise game is suitable for adults of all cognitive abilities. This dementia product for elderly people includes introductory and intermediate activities which can be adjusted depending on how challenging the alzheimer patient finds the puzzle.
    • HELPS IMPROVE FOCUS: Ideal for those who are struggling with memory loss or Alzheimers, our matching mind game for adults promotes improved concentration and mental clarity while still offering relaxation and entertainment, an easy puzzle for dementia & great gift.
    • OFFERS MENTAL STIMULATION: With bright colors and stackable tiles, our board game activity offers multi-sensory stimulation. Handling the dementia puzzle tiles can improve dexterity and range of motion. The pieces are fun to match, stack, and make a fun sorting game while encouraging mental engagement.
    • DESIGNED FOR THOSE WITH DEMENTIA: At Keeping Busy, we create toys and puzzles to help those with dementia and Alzheimer's live a more fulfilling life. Our dementia puzzles & alzheimers products have been designed for older people, and aim to nurture their mental health and wellbeing.
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