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  • About this item

    • 10+ YEARS EXPERIENCE - Relish, formerly Active Minds, has 10+ years experience creating fun, meaningful activities, toys and games for adults that are designed to aid and improve the overall wellbeing of seniors and people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.
    • CALMING AND ENTERTAINING - Simultaneously calming and entertaining, the Track Marble Maze is a dementia-friendly game that aims to challenge dexterity and coordination.
    • THE MISSION - Guide the marble around the track by tilting the maze with both hands. Twist. Turn, Back-up. Repeat! Players are bound to feel a sense of satisfaction when they reach the end of the course. Go as slowly or as quickly as you like.
    • DESIGNED FOR DEMENTIA PATIENTS - Designed and researched alongside people with dementia, this product features high color contrast on a large lightweight board to aid people with visual impairments and dexterity difficulties. Curved corners, a perspex cover and high-quality materials are additional details that make this marble maze an ideal activity for people with dementia.
    • PERFECT GIFTS - Relish products and games make the perfect gifts for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, and don't worry - there is no mention of dementia on the packaging.
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