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  • About this item

    • ULTRA BRIGHT LED FLASHLIGHT EASY TO USE ☼ Based on different light needs, the led beam is zoomable by pull in or pull out. With half press or gental press rear button, 4 light modes runs in sequence of High-Low-SOS-UV lights. Full press can On/Off DaskFire DF1 flashlight
    • PORTABLE TORCH LIGHT ☼ DaskFire DF1 little flash light is handy and lightweight in pocket or car backpack! The heavy duty flashlight is waterproof, definitely ieal for outdoor actitives like hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, cycling, night running, reading etc. Also, it's a household essentials when power cut, rainstorm, snowstorm, earthquake
    • 2 IN 1 BLACK LIGHT FLASHLIGHT ☼ Besides white light, DaskFire mutifunction ultraviolet flashlight delivers focused beam of 395nm blacklight that is more powerful than the ubiquitous cheap pet urine detector light. Also, it does beautiful job to highlight the automotive AC UV tracer/uv dye, hunting scorpion, uv body art, test fluescent in diapper/face mask, check ore, match use with uv resin glue, etc
    • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY LED FLASHLIGHT ☼ It works more environmental friendly with a rechargeable 18650 battery. If there is short of 18650 temporary, instead of 3 AAA alkaline battery with AAA adapter directly ( Not Included 18650 or AAA )
    • What You Get From DaskFire Torch Light ☼ 1x multi-purpose led flashlight with color box, 1 year none risk purchase warranty, 1 for 1 customer service. It is a perfect Mother's Day gift for you or who you care
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