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  • About this item

    • Meet Loona - The first bedside urinal that actually belongs by your bedside. Loona is for pee, not flowers. But that doesn’t stop Loona from being beautiful by your bedside. We’ve done away with the geriatric look of portable urinals to create a design that fits your home.
    • Created by a Doctor and Patient - Dr. Valerie Ulene and Byrdie Pompan created Loona just for you.
    • Help Yourself - Asking for help getting to the bathroom can be embarrassing for anyone. With Loona you can maintain your independence while avoiding slips and falls.
    • Stealth Mode - Loona's flow divertor is designed to quiet the sound of your go - so you don't have to worry about disturbing your partner.
    • Comfortable & Easy to Clean - Soft contoured funnel so you know it will fit just right. It holds 30 fl oz to last all night. To Clean: Simply swish with soap and water. NIGHT-SIZED Holds 30 fl oz to last until morning.
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