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  • About this item

    • 【Quick Cleaning】Eye wash cup is quick and convenient to clean eyes,pour distilled water or clean salt water,press the air bag with your hands with appropriate force to clear the eye with the liquid.Can match used with eye wash or eye drops.Silicone eye wash cups are suitable for people of all ages,and make cleaning eyes fast and safe.Children please do not alone.
    • 【Intimate Design】Manual air pressure eye cleaning cup design is ergonomic,the new upgraded size fits the eye socket perfectly and seals tightly,you don't have to worry about water leakage when using squeeze eye wash cup.
    • 【High-quality Material】Wash eye cup are made of high-quality plastic and skin-friendly silicone,transparent eye wash cups are environme tally friendly and do not hurt the skin.Eye flush cup reusable no burden.Smooth edges and won't scratch eyes,suitable for long time use.
    • 【Widely Used】How long have you not done eye care for your eyes?This simple eye wash cup is very suitable for people who work over time and stay up late,wear color contact lenses for a long time and have makeup residue on your eye.Mini eye cup is your portable eye wash station,which can easily,neatly and effectively clean the eyes and relieve fatigue.After use you will feel instantly light up your eyes,revealing a clearer world.
    • 【Warm Hint】The eye drops should not be overfilled,it should be about 1 cm higher than the air outlet of the air bag.Before use try to press the air bag to test the change of the force on the water column,so as to avoid the excessive force of the water column on the eyes.Plastic eye bath cup is personal hygiene product,please do not mix it with others.
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