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  • About this item

    • It has got the United States Patent of Invention. Earthquake Alert detects a minimum ≥4.0 magnitude earthquake, sounds a penetrating alarm and wakes you up to immediately escape to a place of safety.
    • Escape Flashlight: Pull it out from the base to automatically release the alarm, the light turns on automatically. Then Illuminates your path to safety in the event of a power failure with its powerful built-in beacon.
    • SOS Signals: Press the button at the top right, Earthquake Alert will sound a powerful siren – plus flashes a bright red and white light to alert rescuers to come to your aid.
    • No omission & No false alarm: Advanced sensors and sophisticated circuit designs filter out clutter interference as long as the wall is not shaking, it will not issue false alarm. Earthquake Alert Saves Lives.
    • A test run: After the installation is in place, put it upright on the table, the frequency of the earthquake shaking can be simulated to continuously shake the table, and the device will generate an audible and visual alarm signal. The frequency of shaking is about 3 times reciprocating for 1 second, with no direction limitation.
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