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  • About this item

    • APPLICATIONS: reflective tape is used to warn and remind of obstacles, to mark dangerous areas in construction sites. Tape is also used for crime scene decorations, marking important locations... caution duct tape is also used for Halloween decorations, zombie parties, indoor and outdoor decorations, etc.
    • DISPLAYABILITY: The tape is 3 inches wide for maximum readability and visibility from a distance, uses danger tape to warn pedestrians that are visible from a distance. In particular, color duct tape rolls have a reflective effect during the day, at night or even when the weather is inclement, raining, blizzard, etc.
    • HIGH DURABILITY: Reflective tape is made of high quality Polyethylene which is very durable, waterproof. The warning text on the Tape roll does not fade when encountering bad weather such as rain, blizzard, etc.
    • HALLOWEEN DECORATION: tape roll is popularly used for halloween party decorations. We have many colors of tapes for you to choose, decorate the party according to your preferences. Halloween tape can be used to decorate the yard, doors, corridors.
    • SIZE: 3-inch wide by 1000 ft long, yellow, red warning tape highlights text, clearly visible in bold black lettering.
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