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  • About this item

    • PATENTED PRESSURE RELIEF TECHNOLOGY – Our proprietary fluid 3D Flotation technology was developed in Silicon Valley, California, clinically tested at Stanford University Hospital, and has published clinical data.
    • HELPS REDUCE PAIN AND PREVENT, HEAL PRESSURE SORES – PURAP helps prevent formation of high-pressure point ‘hotspots’ that cause sitting pain and create bedsores on buttocks.
    • OUTPERFORMS GEL AND MEMORY FOAM CUSHIONS – PURAP's fluid technology does not “pack down” into a hard “brick”, does not increase pressures on your body over time by trying to get back to its original shape, and is therefore more effective at dissipating pressures than foam or gel cushions.
    • FLEXIBLE AND CONFORMS TO YOUR BODY SHAPE – PURAP cushion is flexible. Instead of having a pre-contoured shape, which fits only one body shape, the PURAP cushion’s fluid technology conforms and fits to your body shape to provide full 3D support.
    • THIN CUSHION – PURAP cushion is 1.5” thick, and its patented technology supports your body without bottoming out. Unlike the other thick (3”-4”) bulky cushions, PURAP allows you to place and sit comfortably on any seating surface without any wobbliness.
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