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    • 【Efficiency HEPA Filtration】:The Bed Vacuum Cleaner adopts the latest HEPA filter for deep purification, captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, and releases fresh air, handheld bed vacuum is with 500ml large capacity dust box, Isolate large particles of garbage, firmly lock dust and dirt, and will not leak.
    • 【Purple Light Penetration】: 253.7nm purple light can effectively destroy dirt and improve the cleaning rate. The two small wheels at the bottom of the mattress vacuum are the safety switch for the purple light, which needs to be pressed in for the purple light to come on. The mattress cleaner machine efficiently absorbs the dust and the purple light can effectively deep clean the fabric again.
    • 【12Kpa/Double Pulsation Pad】The pulsation pad vibrates about 12800 times per minute to agitate the dust and dirt on the loose mattress with high frequency vibration. Bring dirt to the fabric surface, flapping function combined with strong suction function,Instantly remove hidden dirt,mattress vacuum cleaner effectively clean the deep layers of the mattress.
    • 【Dust Box Cleaning】 The Mattress Cleaner has a snap-on dust box, which is easy to disassemble and wash, and can be cleaned directly under the faucet, and it can be cleaned regularly without the trouble of weakening suction or clogging of box. Note: The filter needs to be dried before use.
    • 【Compact Design】:The bed cleaner 3.78Ib super light weight, adopts a wired design, which can clean for a longer time, suitable for cleaning your mattress, sheets, pillows, sofas and carpets.
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