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  • About this item

    • A BETTER WAY TO HOLD YOUR KEYS - This keychain features an aluminum body with an integrated locking carabiner clip and five molded "toes", each holding a colorful aluminum S-Biner MicroLock to securely hold, attach, remove, and identify keys
    • STURDY ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION - The BigFoot Locker Keyrack is built with sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum, providing a colorful assortment of S-Biners for everyday carrying
    • ATTACH AND DETACH KEYS WITHOUT SPLIT RINGS - With the included MicroLock S-Biners, one side clips to the BigFoot body while the other clips to your key, allowing you to detach and attach as needed - no need for frustrating split rings
    • SECURE WITH A SIMPLE TWIST - The aluminum S-Biner MicroLocks each securely hold up to three keys, with the gates locking in place with a simple twist of the center lever
    • EASILY IDENTIFY KEYS - The colorful mini S-Biner MicroLocks come in an assortment of bright colors, allowing you to instantly distinguish and identify keys
    • HOLDS UP TO 15 KEYS - Each MicroLock S-Biner can hold up to three keys
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