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  • About this item

    • Cycles Air 5x Per Hour: Proven to reduce airborne particles in a 680 sq. ft. area (similar to an oversized 2-car garage).
    • Patented Filter Technology: Works like a magnet, attracting and capturing the most dangerous dust particles from the air down to 0.1 micron.
    • Easy Mounting and Portability: Unit can be mounted to ceiling, wall, or table, and includes a convenient carrying handle.
    • RF Remote Control: Quick and easy control from anywhere in your shop.
    • Filter Cleaning Alert: System reminds you to clean the filter every 1,000 hours. Filter is designed for up to 3,000 hours of life.
    • Quieter Than Normal Conversation: 50.8 dB on High speed setting, and 41.3 dB on Low speed setting.
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