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Considering the importance of issues related to 「Environment, Safety, and Health」, the topics were divided into ten categories. The characteristics of each category are described below.

[1] Natural Disasters

Recently, there has been a rapid increase in natural disasters worldwide. Natural disasters are difficult to predict, and when they occur, there is a limit to overcoming them with human power. In the event of natural disasters, it is crucial to survive and minimize human damage. Here are some goods that can be helpful.

  1. cold: goods necessary for reducing damage caused by severe cold waves

  2. earthquake: goods necessary for detecting earthquakes in advance and reducing earthquake damage

  3. fire(forest fire): goods necessary for suppressing fires in the early stages of an outbreak or evacuating without injury

  4. heat: goods necessary for reducing damage caused by extreme heat waves

  5. snow(Ice): goods necessary for reducing damage caused by heavy snowfall

  6. water: goods necessary for reducing damage caused by heavy rain(flooding)

  7. wind: goods necessary for reducing damage caused by strong winds(hurricanes)

  8. *COMMON GOODS(ND): goods commonly needed in various natural disasters

[2] Travel

We introduce goods that are necessary for maintaining health and safety during various outdoor activities such as travel, camping, and hiking.

  1. blanket: portable blankets necessary for maintaining body temperature in cold environments

  2. chair(stool): portable chairs that can be used anywhere

  3. compass: goods necessary for determining the direction

  4. compression socks: socks that provide pressure to help relieve swelling, pain and improve blood circulation

  5. disposable underwear: underwear for one-time use

  6. dry bag: bags that can keep belongings from getting wet

  7. earplug: earplugs that block unwanted sound

  8. footrest: footrests to rest your feet comfortably on airplanes

  9. luggage lock: iron straps for tying carriers together

  10. multitool pen: multipurpose pens that can be used for various purposes

  11. pickpocket prevention: goods helpful for preventing pickpocketing

  12. pillow: portable pillows that can be used in various locations

  13. portable door lock: portable auxiliary locks that can be used when the door's security is weak.

  14. portable electric kettle: portable electric kettles that can be used anywhere with electricity

  15. portable light: portable lighting devices that can be used in places without electricity

  16. portable toilets: personal toilets for use in outdoor settings where no public toilets are available

  17. relief band: devices that alleviate motion sickness symptoms

  18. sanitizer: portable ultraviolet(UV) sterilizer

  19. travel table: portable tables that can be used anywhere

  20. warming: goods necessary for maintaining body temperature in cold places

  21. washing: goods necessary for convenient laundry during travel, such as in hotels

  22. water sanitation: goods necessary for drinking safe water

[3] Fire

We introduce goods that are necessary for minimizing human casualties and safely evacuating in a fire.

  1. fire blanket: goods necessary for suppressing initial fires and minimizing human casualties in case of a fire

  2. clothes: fire-resistant clothing for minimizing burn injuries in a fire

  3. detector: fire alarms that enable early detection of fire outbreaks

  4. glove: fire-resistant gloves for safe handling of hot objects

  5. mask: masks that reduce the damage by smoke inhalation

[4] Auto Driving

We introduce goods that are necessary for overcoming risks that may encounter while driving.

  1. cold(AD): portable emergency blankets for use when exposed to cold weather while driving

  2. compass(AD): goods necessary for determining the driving direction

  3. drowning: goods necessary for preventing drowning of passengers when a car is submerged in water

  4. escape: goods necessary for passengers to escape from a vehicle in emergencies

  5. extinguisher: goods for extinguishing vehicle fires

  6. glasses: glasses that assist drivers in safe driving in the sunlight or car headlights

  7. light: portable emergency lights that can be installed on the road during nighttime emergencies

  8. makeup mirror: wide mirrors attached to the sun visors

  9. snow chain: various types of snow chains that can be easily and quickly installed during heavy snowfall

  10. tire pressure gauge: devices that can check the air pressure of tires anytime

  11. travel table(AD): trays that can be used as a dining table over the steering wheel

  12. visor: goods that reduce glares from sunlight or oncoming headlights

[5] Pollution

We introduce goods that help reduce health risks caused by environmental pollution.

  1. air pollution: goods necessary for mitigating damages caused by air pollution

  2. microplastics: goods that generate minimal or no microplastic particles

  3. water pollution: goods necessary for mitigating damages caused by water pollution

  4. measuring instrument: portable devices that can detect the presence( concentration) of pollutants(chemicals)

[6] Sports

We Introduce goods that are necessary for preventing damage from various exercises.

  1. cycle: goods necessary for preventing harm or injuries while riding a bicycle

  2. ski(snowboard): goods necessary for preventing harm or injuries while skiing or snowboarding

  3. *COMMON GOODS(SP): goods commonly needed while exercising

[7] Diseases

We introduce goods that can be used as a supplement to prevent diseases, reduce damage by diseases, and promote quality of life. However, since those goods we introduce are not guaranteed medical efficacy, we do not recommend using them as a treatment for diseases.

  1. acid reflux: goods necessary for preventing or alleviating heartburn symptoms

  2. anal disease: goods related to anal disorders

  3. arthritis: goods related to arthritis

  4. asthma: goods related to asthma

  5. back pain: goods related to back pain

  6. eye: goods related to eye disorders(vision)

  7. hair loss: goods related to hair loss

  8. head: goods necessary for protecting the head(brain) physically

  9. incontinence: goods necessary for reducing discomforts caused by incontinence(urine, feces)

  10. mouth: goods related to oral hygiene/dental health

  11. muscular skeletal disease: goods related to musculoskeletal disorders

  12. nasal stuffiness: goods that help alleviate nasal congestion

  13. pain: goods that help alleviate various types of pain

  14. respiratory: goods related to respiratory disorders

  15. sleep(AD): goods necessary for a good night sleep

[8] Sanitation

We introduce goods that may improve hygiene levels in daily life and help prevent diseases.

  1. body washing: goods necessary for easy body cleansing in a situation where water can not be utilized

  2. water purification: products necessary for purifying unsanitary water

[9] Pest

We introduce goods necessary for preventing damage by various pests.

  1. ant: goods necessary for preventing damage by ants

  2. cockroach: goods necessary for preventing damage by cockroaches

  3. HDM: goods necessary for preventing damage by house dust mites (HDM)

  4. mosquito: goods necessary for preventing damage by mosquitoes

  5. slug: goods necessary for preventing damage by slugs

  6. *COMMON GOODS(P): common goods needed for preventing damage by various pest-related issues

[10] QOL

We introduce goods necessary to prevent accidents and diseases and increase the quality of life.

  1. anti-bacterial: goods necessary for preventing damage by bacteria

  2. anti-cut: goods that prevent hands(body) from being cut by sharp objects such as knives

  3. anti-sliding: goods necessary for preventing injuries by slipping

  4. bedding: goods that help maintain a comfortable posture in various situations while in bed

  5. blue light blocker: goods necessary for reducing damage by blue light emitted from various electronic devices, including smartphones

  6. burn: goods necessary for preventing burns

  7. books: books on environment, safety, and health

  8. cleaning: goods necessary for eco-friendly cleaning

  9. dimmer: devices(lighting fixtures) to adjust the brightness

  10. electrical safety: goods necessary for the safe use of electricity, such as preventing electric shock

  11. electrostatic: goods that remove static electricity, therefore preventing the risks (explosion) and discomforts by static electricity

  12. face shield: goods necessary for preventing the exposure of the face(eyes) to dangers

  13. food safety: goods necessary for improving food safety and hygiene levels

  14. hazardous substance: goods necessary for reducing or preventing damage by various hazardous materials

  15. massager: devices for body massage

  16. memory: goods that help enhance memory retention

  17. nailing: goods necessary for safe nailing

  18. pet: goods necessary for coexisting in good health with pets

  19. reading: goods necessary for reading

  20. sanitizer(QOL): portable ultraviolet sterilizers

  21. stench: goods necessary for removing odor and reducing discomfort by odor

  22. stress management: goods that help relieve stress

  23. tester: devices that can measure the concentration of chemicals that may exist in food and daily living environments

  24. theft prevention: goods necessary for preventing the theft of household items

  25. urination: goods necessary for defecating where a restroom is not available

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