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Introduction to 「ESH④all」

Motivation behind creating 「ESH④all」

A clean natural environment and a healthy ecosystem are indispensable prerequisites for humanity to survive. The present generation is responsible for passing on a sustainable Earth to future generations. To achieve this, we should reduce the consumption of resources, minimize waste generation, and use eco-friendly products whenever possible.

In modern society, risks are prevalent. Accidents may occur in various places at any time. By the way, many of them can be prevented with proper safety measures.

Most countries worldwide have been facing an unprecedented aging society, and longer lifespans in unhealthy conditions are also coinciding. Healthy life expectancy is much more important than simply increasing the average lifespan. We should try to prevent accidents and diseases and promote health.

The general public can contribute to maintaining the environment, safety, and health by way of using appropriate goods at the right time. To share this idea with others, the Korea Institute of Environment and Health(KIEH) created the platform, 「ESH④all」, that provides information on ‘goods and services’ related to the environment, safety, and health. The KIEH, established in 2005, is a research and consulting firm that produces educational materials relating to the environment, safety, and health and accomplishes academic research.

Goods at the Right time can save a life!

Individuals can save their safety and health by using goods appropriately in moments of crisis. Carbon monoxide(CO) detectors in living spaces are a good example. CO alarms can detect the presence of CO, which is lethal to humans but odorless and invisible. They are also helpful in a fire because they can detect smoke earlier than humans. Many CO alarms are small enough to carry with you outside the home. Parents can help safeguard their children's lives and raise safety awareness by providing CO alarms when traveling. Despite being relatively inexpensive, it is unfortunate that people continue to lose their lives due to CO poisoning. More people must realize the need for CO alarms.

The characteristics of 「ESH④all」

Independent and objective decision-making

「ESH④all」 is a knowledge-based platform that introduces ‘goods and services’ to improve the general public's environmental, safety, and health levels in their daily lives. The selection of goods and services is independently and objectively performed by the KIEH without external influence, considering a range of factors such as expert opinions, objective information, user experiences, sales volume, and consumer evaluations.

Additionally, priority is given to the goods selected as ‘Best Seller’ or ‘Amazon Choice’ in the Amazon US shopping mall. 「ESH④all」 reserves the right to retract the introduction of the goods and services based on additional information.

Furthermore,「ESH④all」 receives commissions from the affiliated partners(e.g., Amazon Affiliate) when readers purchase goods or services on the website.

Prioritizing practical necessity and importance!

The goods introduced at 「ESH④all」are not claimed to be the best among all products sold globally. In capitalist societies, high-priced products are often associated with higher quality. However, when consumers purchase a product, they consider various factors, including price, necessity, shipping conditions, reputation, and personal experience. If a product is deemed harmful regarding its impact on the environment, safety, or health, it will not be introduced, no matter how necessary and important it may be.

「ESH④all」 also introduces various ‘services’ essential to improve environmental, safety, and health levels and enhance the quality of life. Health check-up services are a prime example.

An appeal to readers

「ESH④all」 introduces a range of goods and services aimed at improving environmental, safety, and health levels, but 「ESH④all」 does not sell goods or services. Any purchasing decisions are entirely up to the readers. 「ESH④all」 cannot help with any issues arising after purchase, such as delivery, refunds, exchanges, or consumer response. 「ESH④all」 recommends that readers conduct their due diligence before purchasing.

Nevertheless, 「ESH④all」 highly values feedback from our readers. 「ESH④all」 highly appreciate it if readers would like to share their purchasing experiences.

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Informing the negative aspects of goods, too!

Some goods may have both positive and negative aspects, and it's essential to provide comprehensive information about them. Ozone generators are a prime example. 「ESH④all」 is committed to informing our readers about the potential benefits and risks associated with the goods.

Ozone (O3) is a powerful disinfectant and deodorizer, but inhaling large amounts of it can harm the lungs. Therefore, using ozone generators cautiously and following the manufacturer's instructions are crucial. 「ESH④all」 provides clear warnings if there is a possibility that goods could pose risks to the user's health when misused.

On the other hand, ozone can be used safely and effectively in certain situations. For instance, installing an ozone generator in an unoccupied area where unpleasant odors continuously occur, such as near sewers, can help eliminate odor problems without harming human health. Timer-equipped ozone generators that only release ozone only at certain times of the day can also be an effective solution. 「ESH④all」 will strive to provide accurate and practical information for our readers to make informed decisions.

The Goals of 「ESH④all」

A clean natural environment cannot be achieved by the efforts of only a few individuals. All members of society must engage in eco-friendly behaviors. When humans protect the environment, the environment protects human health.

Dangers can strike anyone at any time. Even if one practices good health management daily, its meaning can fade if one gets injured or loses one’s life in an accident. Fortunately, one can increase chances of overcoming the risks and surviving by preparing for various risky situations.

Many countries worldwide are rapidly transitioning into an aging society due to increased life expectancy. However, longevity in an unhealthy state is not desirable, and it is crucial to extend healthy life expectancy by preventing accidents and diseases.

「ESH④all」 hopes to introduce goods and services that increase environmental, safety, and health levels, benefiting many individuals or society. 「ESH④all」 also hopes that more companies will produce goods that contribute to these areas, which may require specialized knowledge. If companies require such expertises, they can seek help by contacting us.

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